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You may contact us for any query related to testing between 9:00 A.M. to 5.30 P.M. on working days.
(Toll free no :1800 -233-2668).

Sr.no Name of CRM Contact Mobile NO Email ID Name of Section
1 CRM Support 1800-233-2668 crm@erda.org For Any customer Inquiry/Query/Grievances
2 Ms. Vidya Kapse
(Head –CRM)
99789 40255 vidya.kapse@erda.org (HEAD CRM)
Customer Relationship Management
3a Mr. Kamlesh Kayastha 99789 40545 kamlesh.kayastha@erda.org Testing related to BIS Certification
3b Mr. Nagin Parmar 82380 70170 nagin.parmar@erda.org Testing related to BIS Certification
4a Mr. Praful Rathod 75730 17823 praful.rathod@erda.org CRM – Utility Cell (Testing from utilities)
4b Ms. Drashti Patel

82380 70172

drashti.patel@erda.org HV Cables Testing/Cable and Wires Testing
5a Ms. Asha Verma 82380 70147 asha.verma@erda.org CRM – Field/Site Jobs (All Product) and Third Party Inspection
5b Mr. Ritesh Mistry 82380 70149 ritesh.mistry@erda.org CRM – Field/Site service for Impulse, Transformer, HV Testing & Calibration
6 Ms. Priti Chauhan 75739 49940 priti.chauhan@erda.org Impulse (Makarpura), HV / Impulse Calibration / Capacitor, Diagnostic
7 Mr. Yusuf Saiyed 82380 70150 yusuf.saiyed@erda.org CTPT
8 Mr. Anosh Mecwan 82380 70148 anosh.mecwan@erda.org Short Circuit (Makarpura) Testing
9 Mr. Dipak Patel 7573016669 dipak.patel@erda.org Materials & Mechanical Testing, Mechanical Calibration
10 Mr. Harish Arora 75748 50992 harish.arora@erda.org EMI/EMC & Energy Meter Testing & Calibration, Lamps & Luminaires
11 Ms. Rachana Dave 82380 70151 rachana.dave@erda.org Polymer, Solid Dielectrics, Metallurgical testing
12 Mr. Hardev Solanki 75730 26611 hardev.solanki@erda.org Switchgear
13 Mr. Manish Sinh 82380 70145 manish.sinh@erda.org Short Circuit & Impluse Testing (Savli Lab)
14 Mr. Alpesh Patel 75748 50914 alpesh.patel@erda.org Liquid Dielectric Dissolved Gas Analysis
15 Mr. Jaldeep Jadav 75730 17853 jaldeep.jadav@erda.org Transformer Testing
16 Ms. Anjum Khan 82380 70159 anjum.khan@erda.org Rotating Machine, Diesel Engines Testing, Appliance Testing, IP Testing, Instrument Calibration, HV Cables Testing/Cables and Wire Testing/Switchgear
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